About Us

  • Premium Compounding is a veterinary compounding pharmacy providing personalized service to doctors and clinics nationally. We are certified to compound in both the 797 and 795 “sterile and non-sterile” environments. Our services are comprehensive as we provide our products for both domestic and farm animals.


Our Promise

  • Premium Compounding is large enough to fill high volumes of medications and small enough to compound that one unique drug you need now. Our expertly trained pharmacists and friendly staff pride themselves on making sure your pharmacy experience exceeds expectations.

Meet Our Pharmacy Staff


Kerry Kelley, RPH, MPA

  • Pharmacist in Charge
  • Auburn University
  • More Than 25 Years Pharmacy Experience
  • Compounding-Long Term Care-Hospital-Regulatory and Compliance
  • Licensed by Board of Pharmacy in 9 States
  • Goldendoodle - "Charlie"

Heather Wilder, CPT

  • Lead Compounding Technician
  • More Than 15 Years Experience
  • Compounding and IV Room Pharmacies
  • Shih Tzu - "Coda" | Cat - "Sox”

Susan Gillies, PT

  • Compounding Tech​​​​​​​
  • More Than 15 Years Experience
  • Pharmacy Tech/Industrial QA
  • Lab/Boxer Mix "Mollie" | Horse "Ruby"

Bekah Bell, PT

  • Office Manager
  • More Than 15 Years Experience
  • Pharmacy Tech/HR Management
  • Chocolate Lab - "Atticus"

Toni Powers, CPT

  • Compounding Technician (795 AND 797)
  • More Than 5 Years Experience
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • Weimaraner - "Zeus"

Cynthia Westbrook,

  • PT Compounding Tech (795), Office Support
  • Boxer (Tad) I Shih Tzu (Bama)

Plus other skilled experienced professionals.

  • Sterile Lab

    Sterile Lab

  • Ante Room

    Ante Room

  • Sterile Lab

    Sterile Lab

  • Sterile Buffer Hall

    Sterile Buffer Hall

  • Suspensions/Ointments/Capsules/Scoops


  • Non-Sterile Lab 1

    Non-Sterile Lab 1

  • Non-Sterile Lab 2

    Non-Sterile Lab 2

  • Compounding Pharmacist

    Compounding Pharmacist

  • Non-Sterile Lab

    Non-Sterile Lab

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