Compounding For Veterinarians

Premium Compounding is a pharmacy that specializes in providing veterinarians with the compounded prescription drugs that are necessary to complement the diagnoses and treatment plans that they have made for their patients.

The compounded drugs provided by Premium Compounding should not be used for animals that will become part of the food chain. It is also important to know that drugs provided by our pharmacy are intended for the therapeutic well being of the patients of veterinarians, but these drugs should not be used as a product that would enhance the competitive performance of an animal.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide our services to you, your clinic, and your patients.


Compounding allows us to create customized veterinarian prescribed prescriptions specifically for animals. Our training and preparation allow us to create these medications in either sterile or non sterile environments depending on the requirements.

1. We are routinely measured based on our quality. We meet or exceed USP797 and USP795 guidelines for testing drugs and sustaining quality in our compounding environments.

Staff is routinely involved in all aspects of formulation compounding accuracy and consultation.

2. We get the drugs to our clients as soon as possible. Over 90% of the prescriptions shipped by Premium Compounding ship within 1 business day after receipt. This ensures that you have the medications when you need them.

3. We work hard to keep our prices low. Component drug costs can vary greatly and frequently. Our purchasing group continuously examines our supplier cost. If we can buy it for less we can sell it for less. And we do.

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